A very colorful parcheesi game for four players




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Ludo is an interesting app for playing the classic game of parcheesi on your smartphone. It may be a little difficult to recognize this game as parcheesi at first because of its original design, but it's basically the same as the classic board game that's entertained generations.

With Ludo, you can play parcheesi on your smartphone. It has all the same main elements and features of the classic board game, meaning you'll need to roll a six to put a piece on the board, and you'll be knocked off if anyone falls on the same spot as you, starting over again from the beginning. The player who gets his or her pieces to the center after going around the whole board wins.

What differentiates this app from the rest is that, in the first place, there are tons of ways to customize it. Secondly, it's really well-designed for mobile devices. You can choose from different boards, each one with a unique and thoughtful design, plus decide how many players you want to be human, AI, or neither. You can play with a max of four players in any of those categories.

Play some parcheesi with this version for Android!
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